Sustainability and the environment

Winstone Wallboards is committed to a holistic view of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

  • We manufacture products that are good for the environment.
  • We actively consider the full lifecycle of our products and support recycling initiatives both from our manufacturing and general construction waste.
  • We innovate systems and solutions that keep people safe and protected in buildings.
  • We support jobs and growth within our communities.

GIB® Plasterboard - a green building material

GIB® plasterboard is a sustainable, non-toxic, compostable product made from natural gypsum and 100% recycled paper.

GIB® plasterboards do not use fly ash, a derivative of coal extraction, as a bulk filler* in place of naturally occurring gypsum.

 * 10mm GIB Aqualine® board uses less than 0.7% fly ash as a processing agent, not as a bulk filler.
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Waste recycling

Winstone Wallboards works closely with local waste companies on initiatives to recycle plasterboard waste.

Green Gorilla has introduced a plasterboard recycling service in Auckland. Plasterboard is collected separately from general building and construction waste through, the waste volumes and tonnages are recorded and reported per project for builders and their customers which allow plasterboard recovery statistics to be provided as part of total site landfill diversion and environmental reporting for Greenstar and Homestar accreditation.

In Christchurch, plasterboard manufacturing waste from Winstone Wallboards in Christchurch is processed by Canterbury Landscape Supplies with off-cuts shredded and screened to return it to gypsum form. The recycled gypsum is supplied as a soil conditioner to farmers, freight companies, orchards and vineyards.

Local manufacture

GIB® plasterboard and compounds are manufactured in New Zealand*. We have complete oversight of our factory conditions and the teams who works in our manufacturing plants. Our decision to manufacture locally supports local jobs and directly supports the country’s economy.

*Note: GIB Barrierline® plasterboard is manufactured to Winstone Wallboards’ specific specification from a reputable overseas manufacturer.