GIB® Plasterboard holds many Environmental Certifications. Read the overview here.



Winstone Wallboards has Declare certification for a range of our plasterboards. Considered the most advanced sustainability certification in the built environment, Declare is like a nutritional label for building products, offering specifiers, contractors and building users insight into the ingredients used in the manufacture of building products. 

Global Greentag

GIB® plasterboards have also achieved Global Greentag Certification, one of the world's most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels. 

Environmental Protection Declaration

Winstone Wallboards has been the first and only plasterboard manufacturer in Australasia to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The EPD quantifies the environmental performance of GIB® plasterboard including its carbon footprint, embodied energy and other environmental data.

Projects utilising GIB® plasterboard will qualify for full Green Star points due to Winstone Wallboards holding an EPD for six or more products. The EPD for GIB® plasterboard is available below.


GIB Aqualine®,  GIB Weatherline®, GIB Barrierline®, GIB Toughline® and GIB Toughline® Aqua hold GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Ecolabel certification which is a recognised ecolabel across New Zealand and Australia.