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Manufacturing Processes

If you've ever wanted to know how we manufacture GIB® Plasterboard then watch our short video: 

Sustainability. It's a word we're hearing a lot of in the building and construction industry and one that we're going to hear even more of in the near future as government makes sustainability a core part of its policy.

At Winstone Wallboards, we've embraced sustainability and are working hard to significantly reduce our impact on the environment. We've integrated environmental awareness into all our business activities.

In recognition of our efforts to continuously improve the sustainability of our products, we're thrilled to have received GreenTag certification for a number of our GIB® plasterboards. 

Call our Helpline on 0800 100 442 for your free copy of our information sheet which outlines Winstone Wallboards' GreenTag credentials and provides you with the factual information you need to support the choice of GIB® plasterboard on 'green' building projects.

*GreenTag labelling applies to the following range of GIB® plasterboard products:
10mm and 13mm GIB® Standard
10mm and 13mm GIB® Wideline
10mm and 13mm GIB Braceline® GIB Noiseline®
10mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm GIB Fyreline®
13mm GIB Toughline®
13mm GIB X-Block®