About Winstone Wallboards

Winstone Wallboards is New Zealand's only plasterboard manufacturer and largest marketer of gypsum plasterboard, drywall systems, associated products and services. The company has been operating since 1927 and manufactures plasterboard under the GIB® brand. Winstone Wallboards has facilities in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch, and is part of the Building Products Division of Fletcher Building - a New Zealand-based international company.

Like You, We're Proudly Building for New Zealand

Every day, passionate and dedicated professionals come together as an industry for the good of all New Zealanders. It’s something we’re proud to have been a trusted part of for over 90 years.

Building For New Zealand

Tried. Trusted. True.

We understand that hassles on-site and call-backs are time consuming and costly. That's why we put all our time, energy and care into delivering reliable products, systems, services and support, that help your jobs run smoothly. So you can move on with confidence.

Tried Trusted True

GIB® plasterboard made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

For 90 years, people like you have been relying on GIB® plasterboard systems. Developed locally for local conditions, they meet and exceed the requirements of New Zealand's stringent building codes and are BRANZ appraised.


GIB Manufacturing

Local support you can rely on

GIB® plasterboard systems are backed by local technical support to help you avoid on-site delays and call-backs. From Cape Reinga to Stewart Island, we're here to help with technical support by phone, email, online and, of course, face-to-face on-site.


You're covered with GIB® plasterboard 

We stand behind our products and systems 100%* and combined with our GIB® Product and System Warranty, this means you can install with confidence.  


* Provided they are used, stored, installed and maintained strictly in accordance with current Winstone Wallboards technical information.


Look beyond the surface


We deliver on time, saving you time.

We work extra hard to get the right product to the right place at the right time.

We customise delivery services, making it faster for you.

To reduce waste and make installation quicker.

We offer expert technical support, helping you avoid costly delays or call-backs.

Industry-hardened tradespeople with over 150 years' experience. The free on-site training service covers just about everywhere from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island.

We provide comprehensive technical info, giving you peace of mind.

By phone, on the web or face-to-face, we've done the work to make your job easier.

We consistently manufacture to a high standard, saving your time and reputation.

Independent testing and auditing to guarantee consistent quality and reduce risk once installed.

We are 100% behind our products, giving you complete confidence.

If we get it wrong, we'll put it right, every time. All you need to do is let us know by calling 0800 100 442.

We constantly innovate, making it easier for you.

In developing and testing new products, systems and services that improve buildability and make it easier, quicker and simpler.

GIB® plasterboard manufactured in Tauranga and Christchurch.

We have lined NZ homes since 1927, giving us a huge amount of local knowledge and experience to assist you to confidently meet and exceed New Zealand's Building Code requirements.

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