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Can I Use Glue in a GIB® Fire Rated System?

Thursday, 26 August 2021
By Doug Connors

Page 36 of the ‘GIB® Site Guide, September 2018’ incorporates the following statement which relates to best practice screw and adhesive plasterboard installation in non fire-rated applications;

“Tip: Do not place GIBFix® adhesive behind fasteners. This will increase the risk of “fastener popping”. Place at least 200mm from fasteners.”

Page 13 of ‘GIB® Fire Rated Systems’, October 2018 under ‘Handling and Limitations’ states;

“Adhesive fixing cannot be used as an alternative to mechanical fasteners in GIB® fire rated specifications”.

We occasionally receive calls or correspondence regarding installers who have used adhesive in fire-rated applications.

The problem is not with the adhesive itself being in the cavity, but with the potential lack of mechanical fastening. Adhesives ‘soften’ when exposed to high temperatures experienced in a fire, and fail to adequately support the linings. Therefore adhesives cannot be used ‘as an alternative to mechanical fasteners’. Even so-called ‘fire-rated’ adhesives will only hold as long as the back paper of the plasterboard sheet and cannot be used to replace nails or screws.

If an installer has used adhesive in a fire-rated application, they will need to mechanically fasten the GIB® plasterboard sheets at the centres specified for the relevant GIB® Fire Rated specification.

If quality of finish is a consideration caution is required to ensure that the adhesive has adequately cured before the required screws are installed.

Specifications are readily and freely available and following them closely is essential to ensure the published performance is achieved.

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