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Wednesday, 7 August 2019
By Sarah Joblin

Trying to find a system but not sure what’s best for your design? Tired of scrolling through endless CAD details to find that perfect match? You need not look further than the GIB® System Selector.

Found on the left side of our home page, or in the ‘Downloads and Resources’ tab on the GIB® website, this selector allows you to enter numerous variables, from application, and framing type to FRR and noise control rating, to find the best system for you.

Once all the necessary requirements have been entered, the CAD Details for all relating systems will appear below the selector, and where available, bundles of systems for download.

If you already know the CAD Details you require, head to the relevant system page and click on the 'CAD Files' tab - this will bring up all details relevant to this particular system, including the option for a bundle download.

Access the Literature Library via the homepage, or through the 'Downloads and Resources' tab. Simply enter a key word, select the document type, and search. If you are searching for past literature, click on the 'Archived Literature' tab.

Our Literature Library is a gold mine for technical literature, both current and archived. 

Looking for a technical article you had read in the GIB® News recently, or in the past? Now you can head over to the GIB® News page and scroll through articles featured in the GIB® News, both technical pieces and announcements. The latest issues of GIB® News are also available.

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