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FAQ to the GIB® Firebook

Wednesday, 3 April 2019
By John Kitchen

The recent launch of the GIB® Fire Rated Systems book included a number of new systems which are proving popular as they are more simple or cost effective options. Here is a snapshot of frequently asked questions to the systems:

Smoke Separation Wall
A single layer 10mm GIB® Standard fixed each side of either timber or steel studs will now meet the requirements of a “smoke separation wall”.
Refer to GBSm10 for further details.

30 minute FRR Timber Wall
10mm GIB® Standard can now provide a 30 minute two way Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) to timber framed walls. Mechanical screw fixings are required rather than screw and glue. As with these systems check whether you need to have tested fire penetrations.

GIB Fire Soundseal®
GIB Soundseal® has been given additional fire performance and is now known as GIB Fire Soundseal®. In GIB Noise Control® Systems, GIB Fire Soundseal® can be used where GIB Soundseal® is mentioned.

GIB® Panel Shaft
In risers and shafts where a two way fire rated wall is required to be installed from one side only , the new GIB® Panel Shaft installation method adds further options to the existing GIB® Rondo® Shaftwall systems. GIB® Panel Shaft allows for partial or full prefabrication of panels on or off site. Timber and steel stud options are available.