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Freight Into Store (FIS) Empty Pallet Return Process

Tuesday, 29 September 2020
By Grant Glover

After successful trials we are rolling out the new FIS Empty Pallet return process to al South Island Merchants.

Winstone Wallboards have been running trials in the lower half of the North Island to improve the empty pallet return process with some great results.

Previously empty pallets were collected from Merchants and not credited until the pallets arrived back to the Distribution centre often after being unloaded and reloaded by carriers when coordinating their return loads to also accommodate freight commitments.

This at times resulted in a slower return of pallets and at times discrepancies which created delays in credits to customers.

The new process now credits the Merchant on the day following collection based on the Carrier and the Merchant both signing the Merchant Pallet Collection form. This has resulted in a faster credit transaction for our customers with less discrepancies.

We are now rolling out the new process to all South Island Merchants which commenced on the 7th September.