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Getting Specification Just Right

Wednesday, 1 August 2018
By Nicole Stock

Goldilocks didn’t want the porridge that was too hot  nor too cold, but only the bowl that was just right. It’s the same with plasterboard. You don’t want to pay for performance beyond what you need, but equally, you don’t want systems that underperform.

Our strategy has always been about optimising the  performance of the board to the situation, so we have a range of plasterboards with specific performance characteristics to allow targeted and cost effective use in wall/ceiling systems.

Here’s an example: imagine a residential house. You  need additional density and stiffness for bracing some walls, but these aren’t in a bathroom or another wet area. Why would you use a plasterboard with multiple performance which has wet area protection when this is unnecessary and simply adds cost? A better solution  is to target performance – use GIB Braceline® GIB Noiseline® where you need it and leave GIB Aqualine® to those areas that require wet area protection.

Like Goldilocks, we are always searching for solutions that are just right. We are focused on finding the best value for our customers. Take that residential example from above: because we have optimised our bracing calculations (and developed a handy bracing calculator to make doing those calculations a breeze) instead of needing to use GIB Braceline® GIB Noiseline®, by utilising new bracing units such as GS2 Nom and GS1, in most situations, you would likely be able to use GIB® Standard only, saving you cost and reducing the number of boards and waste on site. Now that’s optimising design.