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GIB Barrierline® Common Questions

Wednesday, 28 July 2021
By Russell Pedersen

One of the key things we do as the GIB® Technical Support team is trouble shoot installation issues. We prefer to be there helping answer questions before anything becomes an issue but often we get calls to come to site once an issue has raised it’s head, like a failed inspection.

One of the topics that comes up reasonably often are issues arising from GIB Barrierline® systems installations. Interestingly, many of the issues seen on site with GIB Barrierline® can be easily rectified or even avoided.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and our answer:

Q: I’m struggling to get the L clips on to the H stud because it’s behind a timber stud.
A: As you install the GIB Barrierline® sheets you can cut them down, even by 30-50mm to make this line up for clip fixing.

Q: I’ve been told I have to put clips on every row of nogs?
A: No, GIB® Wall Clips only need to be placed within 600mm of the top of each GIB® H-stud, no further than 3000m apart vertically.

Q: Can we use the GIB® H-stud horizontally at the end of the 3m long sheets?
A: No, this must be a Rondo® 140 Perimeter Channel, these are placed back to back and screwed together.

Q: Do I need to fire rate the flush boxes and switchboard?
A: Anything under 90x50mm you won’t need to fire rate. Something larger like a switchboard you will need to build a baffle box in the framing. We have guidance on how to do this in our GIB Noise Control® systems literature.

Q: What do we do if we have a Ply substrate for rubber tile roofing as opposed to roofing underlay and tin?
A: In that situation you don’t need Mineral Wool at the top, just take the GIB Barrierline® and 16mm GIB Fyreline® up to the underside of the Ply and apply some GIB Fire Soundseal®.

Q: GIB Barrierline® has been out in the heavy rain for a few weeks now, is it going to be OK?
A: GIB Barrierline®, once installed, can be exposed to the rain for up to 12 weeks. The 16mm GIB Fyreline® fixed in the roof space can be exposed up to 4 weeks.

Q: How do we address a cantilever at the end of a building?
A: This will need to be a Specifically Engineered Design (SED) where support needed is calculated according to the weight of how much board is being cantilevered. We can help point the designer in the right direction if needed.

Q: I have a section of GIB Barrierline® wall “outside” onto a deck area, do we have to put insulation out there too?
A: No, the insulation is only there to assist with the Noise Control and seeing as it is outside you don’t need that. In this situation you can use GIB Weatherline® for the outside wall linings too.


The GIB Barrierline® system is relatively straightforward to install, take the time to read the instructions in our technical literature beforehand as most of what you need is in there.

If you get stuck, don’t guess, give us a call on the GIB® Helpline 0800 100 442 or download the literature here.

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