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GIB-Cove® Shipping and Handling Tips

Wednesday, 1 August 2018
By Cath Montgomery

Top tips to ensure that GIB-Cove® arrives on site in the best possible condition.

  • Always have GIB-Cove® top stowed.
  • Always use packaging protection to protect the edges from strapping and damage.
  • The best way to carry GIB-Cove® is to use a two person lift with the GIB-Cove® on its edge. This prevents the lengths sagging which could damage the GIB-Cove® and result in post installation issues.
  • Carrying stacks of a maximum of 5 lengths at a time ensures that the GIB-Cove® is fully supported to avoid sag.

Follow these simple techniques to ensure you get the best possible results from your GIB-Cove®.