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GIB® Fire Rated Systems Supplement

Wednesday, 7 August 2019
By Frank Kang

After release of the GIB® Fire Rated Systems literature last year our technical team has committed to ongoing development and continually looked for ways to offer improved systems and details for both designers and installers.

The GIB® Fire Rated Systems Supplement is a live document available on our website which collates any updates, changes and new information. From time to time technical contents will be uploaded and communicated to the market via this document.

In addition to the range of GIB® Fire Rated Systems available, based on recent full-scale furnace testing, the supplement now includes specification GBS90a, a new two-way non-loadbearing 90 minute FRR steel stud system.

Furthermore, due to increasing demand and enquiries on junction details between GIB® Fire Rated Systems and structural flooring systems such as ComFlor®, Stahlton Rib and In-fill and Double Tee which are commonly used in a wide variety of commercial and residential applications, the applicable details have been developed for each type of flooring systems and uploaded into the supplement.

Other useful technical content are on our radar too and soon to be released, so watch this space! If you want to be notified when technical updates are made, you can simply sign up to the GIB® database on our website.