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GIB® Grabber® Screws - Not All Screws Are Created Equal

Thursday, 24 June 2021
By Cath Montgomery

At times customers have asked “why do GIB® Grabber® screws cost more than other screws in the market?” Understandably without an explanation to this question, customers can get a bit frustrated. This document is to explain why GIB® Grabber® screws have been selected as the specified screws for all GIB® systems.

Every single shipment of GIB® Grabber® screws are put through rigorous testing before being shipped to New Zealand. Without exception, all fastener types in that shipment are tested. Constant testing of both physical characteristics and performance properties ensure that GIB® Grabber® products are consistent in quality.

In addition to supplier testing Winstone Wallboards team of technical staff regularly test the performance of GIB® Grabber® Screws and occasionally other products available in New Zealand to see how they perform in the GIB® Systems where GIB® Grabber® screws are “constant high performers”.

In bracing tests Winstone Wallboards’ testing has identified issues in other fasteners such as:
– Heads snapping during testing
– Variation in head size which impacts lateral load
– Inconsistent physical and material properties which impact performance

The chart in the PDF attached compares the performance of GIB® Grabber® with an alternative screw in a displacement test, showing the GIB® Grabber® screws performance was superior.

In addition to the guaranteed quality of the GIB® Grabber® screw comes with many additional benefits including:

– GIB® Grabber® Screws are tested in all our GIB® Systems and we know they work
– Supported by the GIB® Product and Systems Warranty
– Supported by the GIB® Technical support team
– Continuity of supply, with Winstone Wallboards’ excellent supply chain team always ensuring large stock holding to satisfy the highs of market demand

As one of our customers told us in research completed in late 2020; “It’s not so much about what it costs, it‘s about what it actually delivers – a tried and tested product with back up. That means I can trust it.”