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GIB Weatherline® Commercial Installation from a Tradie's View

Wednesday, 19 August 2020
By Karen Richter

Installing GIB Weatherline® in a local school was a cinch thanks to some first-rate training from Winstone Wallboards.

Wayne Stevens and the team from Interior Plastering Services Ltd had the chance to handle, cut and install GIB Weatherline® and tapes prior to starting on site. This meant that when the team was ready to start the job, they were fully up to speed on the best way to install the system.

“The training really was key to the success of the install. It gave us a good feel for the product, and in particular, how to install the tapes,” says Club GIB® Installer [CGI] Wayne.

“We feared bubbling of the tapes would be an issue but having picked up a few tips and tricks, by the time we got to site we knew what to expect and didn’t run into any problems.”

The 13mm GIB Weatherline® was installed in a three storey classroom block, and with its CLT panel construction, enabled horizontal installation.

“With big long walls the fixing was faster than initially anticipated. Horizontal fixing of  sheets commencing at the bottom of the wall meant sheets stacked on one another nicely. The GIB Weatherline® handled well.”

The tapes too were simpler to install than Wayne had anticipated. “The more you do, the faster and easier it gets!”

Although the commercial project kicked off in February, COVID-19 put the brakes on. Luckily, lockdown had minimal impact. “Not all the cladding was installed prior to lockdown so GIB Weatherline® was exposed to conditions for an extended period. However, it performed very well with little to no signs of weathering and the tapes performed well  too, with no reworking needed.”

For Wayne, the project was a rewarding one, and he says he would jump at another job.

“As a CGI it’s the opportunity to add another service to my offering, packaging both external rigid air barriers and internal linings for commercial projects.”

While the project was a great success for Wayne, Max Sykes from Hanham & Philp Contractors Ltd also recognised the advantages by using GIB Weatherline®.

“This was a new product for us. We were very pleased at the speed of the install and also being very busy at the time we were glad to sub out to our contractor Interior Plastering Services Ltd.”

While Max was really pleased with this new system, he was also appreciative of the fact that they were able to proceed with their interior works earlier than with traditional methods of paper/building wraps.

“In this install we also needed to create a 60-minute one way fire barrier and GIB Weatherline® solved this issue for us as well,” he says.


For more handy installation tips view the GIB Weatherline® Installation Videos, or call the GIB® Helpine 0800 100 442.