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GIB Weatherline® FRR to Columns and Beams

Wednesday, 15 April 2020
By John Kitchen

When GIB Weatherline® was launched in 2019 a large number of clients asked “do we have a system for protecting columns and beams.”

After verification by further fire testing, we have now extended our portfolio of GIB Weatherline® applications to include Fire Resistant Rating (FRR) up to 60/-/- structural adequacy ratings.

Structural steel column and beam protection (as well as timber and concrete) using both timber strapping, steel clip and steel channel framing members have now been added to the February 2020 GIB Weatherline® Design and Construction Manual available on our website.

We believe the new GWCBT and GWCBS systems will provide a competitive alternative to intumescent paint systems and address some of the concerns about clearances between framing and paint.

The GIB Weatherline® systems complement the current column and beam protection offered by GIB® Standard and GIB Fyreline® where there may be exposure to the elements during construction.