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GIB Weatherline® Gets Thumbs Up From Down South

Wednesday, 7 August 2019
By Clara Sumner

Winstone Wallboards’ recently launched GIB Weatherline®  Rigid Air Barrier has just been installed on its first South Island home – and it has received rave reviews.

Christchurch installers Keith Cochrane and John Molten found the new exterior plasterboard easy to use, and said being able to score and snap it made the process fast and straight forward.

“To have the house closed in so quickly keeps the timber dry and makes for a nice working environment, as there’s no wind or moisture finding its way in. It’s a big advantage to have the house lockable and secure once the windows are in,” says Keith, a Club GIB® Installer (CGI) member offering supply, fix and stop services predominately in the group housing sector. 

The trump card for GIB Weatherline® is its ability to close houses in fast, thanks to its glass faced gypsum core rigid air barrier. But the product offers a raft of other benefits too. The pair noticed that it significantly cut down external noise even before installation of insulation and internal linings, plus it made for an excellent bracing system, and reduced waste.

“It’s great once you have GIB Weatherline® installed as bracing systems because you can take all the cross bracing down. That makes it really easy to work inside and you know the house is not going to move,” says fixer John, who is a builder by trade. 

"Waste can be minimal particularly if you can tell the pre-naile to set the frames out at 1200 centre. Cut to length sheets make installation even faster and reduce waste even further which is good for the environment".

The pair needed a little time to get used to the taping, adding that a tape-master would be brilliant for the flat tapes, but both agreed GIB Weatherline® was a stellar product that performed really well.

"The product as itself is really good and we would both use it again".