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GIB Weatherline® Online Technical Supplement Available

Tuesday, 2 November 2021
By Gordon White

The first port of call when designing with GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Systems is the GIB Weatherline® Design and Construction manual, but sometimes additional specification material may have been developed which might be useful for a smaller number of projects and not warrant inclusion into main manual.

Winstone Wallboards keeps this more ‘niche’ material in the GIB Weatherline® Online Technical Supplement. So if you can’t find what you're looking for in the GIB Weatherline® Manual try the online supplement in the Technical Literature tab.

The GIB Weatherline® Supplement currently includes:

  • New GIB Weatherline® 120min FRR two way fire systems.
  • New GIB Weatherline® 30min FRR one way fire systems.
  • GIB Weatherline® and flexible wall underlay option.
  • GIB Weatherline® steel frame with thermal break specification.