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GIB Weatherline® – Rigid Air Barrier

Wednesday, 3 April 2019
By Dale Olsen

We are proud to announce the launch of GIB Weatherline® into the New Zealand market. Driven by innovation and backed by a thorough BRANZ Appraisal testing programme, this glass faced rigid air barrier with its distinctive purple colour is going to offer the industry a competitive alternative with a range of great performance options. While new to New Zealand, gypsum core rigid air barriers have been used in the northern hemisphere for the last few decades. GIB Weatherline® has an advanced second-generation fibreglass liner on both front and back, with a highly modified gypsum core containing water and mould inhibitors. Gypsum, not only provides an excellent substrate for fire resistant applications, it is safe and easy for those handling and installing it.

Technology used in the northern hemisphere for the last few decades.

The development team have created a technical manual with an easy reading format offering two rigid air barrier systems and additional bracing, fire and environmental noise performance options for NZS 3604 type buildings.
A Technical Data Sheet is also available for buildings requiring specific design.

What makes this project special is that we have included a lot of our customers in the development journey. We would like to thank everyone for their time and contribution and look forward to working with you on upcoming projects.

For further information and to download literature, click here or call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442.