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GIBFix® Framing System - A Fresh Look at Wall Framing

Tuesday, 20 October 2020
By Gordon White

Increasingly homeowners, developers and builders are demanding warmer and more thermally efficient homes.

Traditional framing practices can present some problems around thermal performance such as multiple framing members at wall intersections creating thermal ‘bridges’ and cavities where insulation cannot be installed effectively. Also having multiple framing members can take longer to dry resulting in timber frame movement and an increased risk of fastener pop and blemishes on the interior wall surface.


Improved Thermal Efficiency

The GIBFix® Framing System offers improved wall thermal efficiency by reducing the volume of timber framing used at corners and intersecting walls. The GIBFix® Framing System replaces unnecessary timber framing with a GIBFix® metal angle with the overall thermal efficiency of the external wall envelope being improved as insulation can now be more effectively positioned throughout the full wall cavity. Traditionally hard-to-insulate areas such as between triple corner studs can be removed to allow insulation to better fill the framing cavity.


Reduced Potential Fastener Pop

Fastener popping or cracking of the interior linings occurring from timber frame movement can have a real impact on the house design. Strong and stable wall joints that are less susceptible to movement of individual timber framing members is another benefit of the GIBFix® Framing System. Wall corners effectively lock the plasterboard corners onto a single metal angle rather than being fastened across multiple timber studs which can more easily move.