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How Much Quieter Can I Make My Home?

Tuesday, 1 December 2020
By Clara Sumner

The world around us is increasingly full of unwanted interior and exterior noise. As our lifestyles and living habits change (such as homes being built  closer together, increased traffic, households having more appliances, and working from home), noise levels are on the increase.

The homes we’re building today need to be designed differently to reflect these changes, and especially to cope with the impact unwanted noise can have on health and well-being. There are various ways of reducing the noise around you, with effective noise control recommended for areas such as:
— Bedrooms and studies
— Lounge, dining room, home cinema, rumpus
— Laundries, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens.

GIB Noise Control® Systems utilise a combination of products and building practices that work together as a system to reduce (not eliminate) noise. They work by trying to stop sound waves or vibrations from passing through walls, ceilings, windows or doors.


How much quieter can I make my home?
With a GIB Noise Control® System the level of perceived volume will be reduced by approximately half compared to standard construction. This satisfies the majority of homeowner requirements. The diagram is a visual example of the level of noise reduction you can expect from a GIB Noise Control® System. The key to effective noise control starts with well thought out design but on the occasion when noisy and quiet spaces can’t be separated selecting the GIB Noise Control® System that delivers the desired result is key.


A pleasant sanctuary for a family full of life.
With the living and kitchen spaces on the upper level to capture the views this home is an excellent example of an effective use of a GIB Noise Control® mid floor system, specified not only to reduce the transfer of noise from the busy living/kitchen space to the bedroom below, but also to prevent noise from the games room which accommodates the teenage family members socialising with friends, watching movies with surround sound booming away while also enjoying their own private space without the constant reminder from parents to quieten down! The system delivers the required level of comfort and function allowing everyone to enjoy their space.

GIB Noise Control® wall systems, where incorporated in the lower levels between bedrooms, bathroom and the games room, provide the younger members of the family with quiet spaces for things such as studying or perhaps a sleepover with friends without disturbing one another.

A GIB Noise Control® ceiling system was installed in the ceilings on the upper level, in this instance to reduce the sound of rain noise and reduce disturbance from passing cars and foot traffic, allowing a better quality night’s sleep.

The best time to install noise control is when you build.
It is much easier and more cost effective to install GIB Noise Control® Systems when a home is being built. Adding it on afterwards is generally more difficult and expensive. However, if you are planning layout changes in an existing home, GIB Noise Control® System can provide significant improvements if carefully planned and correctly installed.

It’s no wonder more and more people building or renovating are incorporating noise control to increase privacy, function and enjoyment in their home