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Installation a Breeze with New Length GIB Weatherline®

Wednesday, 29 July 2020
By Clara Sumner

Winstone Wallboards’ new length GIB Weatherline® is proving to be a big hit with the tradies. Cut to size at 2450mm x 10mm, it minimises the need for  onsite cutting (except for the likes of gable ends), creates minimal waste, and is super quick to install.

In fact, builder and Club GIB® Installer Keith Cochrane of Cochrane and Associates, Christchurch, couldn’t believe how quickly his team had the GIB Weatherline® up on a recent residential project.

“It’s so much faster than plasterboard to install as you don’t have the likes of light box cut outs. Sure, bracing may be required, but there’s no gluing or  cutting around door heads,” says Keith.

Working with a 204m2 floor area, it took two men 14 hours to install board and tape, using 53 sheets of the new length GIB Weatherline® and 6000 screws. From the foundation being placed, to the GIB Weatherline® and windows being installed, it took just two  months, and with windows and the temporary garage door in place, the house was secure.

“It was great to have the building closed in, particularly in the cooler, wetter months. We also noticed that as soon as the GIB Weatherline® went up the framing started to dry.”

Although the fibre in the core of the board was a little harder on the hands, Keith found it was nothing a pair of gloves couldn’t remedy. The ‘GIB Weatherline® Materials Order Form’ also came into its own – although it did catch the team out first time round.

“The order form told us we needed 3000 screws, but we ended up using 6000. That’s because we didn’t keep in mind the fastener pattern requirements. This particular house is in a high wind zone, so the fastener centres needed to be closer for bracing therefore more screws were required. The guides for the tapes and boards were pretty accurate though.”

Installing the tapes on Keith’s second job proved much faster, as his team had picked up some clever techniques to speed up the process.

“When screwing sheets, if a centre line is not present, it’s a good idea to mark one up on the sheet. This means the screws are nicely aligned. The tapes are easier to install over a nice  straight line of screws."

“I also recommend working in pairs when installing window tapes as it makes it quicker and the tapes are easier to handle. With  bit of guidance and experience they are not a problem to install.”

Keith’s step-by-step guide to installing internal and external tapes:

  • Fold the tape in half long ways.
  • Remove the backing paper from one side of the tape only.
  • Place and stick one side, then remove the backing paper from the second half.
  • Place and stick.