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More Than Just High-Quality Plasterboard

Wednesday, 7 August 2019
By Troy Smith

Architects, builders and property owners have shared the same great confidence  in GIB® products and systems for over 90 years – and for good reason. Our delivery services, local experience, technical support, innovations and environmental sustainability add value to any project.

With over 30 product and technical experts on hand, Winstone Wallboards will help you find the most efficient, cost effective solutions for your needs. Not only do we have a deep understanding of the technical requirements, but our ongoing engagement and work within the sector has equipped us with strong practical knowledge of the wider complexities and ever-changing needs of the industry.

New Zealand’s building landscape is rapidly changing – now more than ever before. At Winstone Wallboards we know that in order to stay on top, we need to constantly innovate and improve. To best serve the New Zealand market and our country’s unique conditions, our offerings must adjust, change and adapt.

Locally made for local conditions, GIB® products and systems give peace of mind. They are independently tested and/ or BRANZ appraised, and everything we do meets or exceeds New Zealand’s stringent building codes. We partner with builders and architects to fine tune our products, and use case studies to highlight the innovative ways they are being used, and the great results that are being achieved. In other words, not only have our products and systems been trialled by industry to ensure they perform as claimed, but they have received a giant tick of approval.