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New GIB Fire Soundseal®

Friday, 14 December 2018
By Cath Montgomery

Announcing the newest addition to the GIB® Adhesives and Sealants range; GIB Fire Soundseal®.

GIB Fire Soundseal® has all the benefit of GIB Soundseal® with the additional benefits of being suited for fire rated applications.

The features of GIB Fire Soundseal® include;

  • Fire and smoke resistant
  • Maintains the performance of GIB Noise Control® System
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Low VOC
  • Non staining and easily paintable
  • Easy to apply

GIB Fire Soundseal® is available on both sausage and cartridge, and the sealant has a light red tint so it is easily identified once applied. It is also the first in the GIB® Adhesives and Sealants range to showcase the new look packaging which has an emphasis on simplicity; easy to read practical information,
quick reference icons, and of course the bold colour identification system.

GIB Fire Soundseal® will replace GIB Soundseal®, which will continue to be available until approximately the end of December.

Winstone Wallboards are offering the new product with its additional features and benefits at the same price as GIB Soundseal® so we are sure customers will appreciate the upgrade for no extra cost.

Of course the GIB® Product and Systems Warranty applies to GIB Fire Soundseal® so you can feel confident when using this new product.