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Our Tried and Tested Solutions Support Panellisation Movement

Monday, 2 December 2019
By John Kitchen

Winstone Wallboards has been working closely with Fletcher Building’s new panellisation business Clevercore, drawing on the extensive experience of our Engineering team to support the Clevercore factory teams and aligning or modifying our systems to allow rapid installation.

Panellisation, an element of prefabrication, has become a method by which we can deliver more buildings in New Zealand while not being affected by weather, adverse conditions or the lack of daylight hours. Building in a controlled environment such as a factory enables faster delivery of a semi-finished product to site come rain, hail or shine - enabling quicker installation and faster overall project completion.

We have been testing our systems to the way certain elements will be produced in order to show compliance to the building code. The build typologies are different and everything we are doing needs to be verified and technically precise - we double and triple check because ultimately what they are doing with our product isn't the norm, so it has to be verified.

we have worked with Clevercore to verify the systems for bracing, fire and acoustics in the mass-production process that they are using.

We are tailoring the solution to what the customer wants to achieve - in this case they have a large factory and want to produce in a way that is smart, efficient and correct.


Specifically developed solutions - stapling systems

Staple fixing systems were part of the required scope to facilitate efficient manufacturing on the assembly line and was a collaborative development between Winstone Wallboards engineers, Clevercore architects and their engineers. 

  • The team worked on understanding the manufacturing line process.
  • Assessed alternative panel hold down options for bracing.
  • Developed a staple install option for GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier and other GIB® Plasterboard Bracing and Fire Systems.
  • Stapled install option is tested at the ALTUS wind pressure booth.
  • Stapled install option is tested on the P21 rig for bracing resistance.

When customers use our products or systems we work closely with them to tailor and test solutions to meet their needs, engaging our engineering and technical resources and availing them of our test results - it's all part of the service.