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Plasterboard Offcut Site Waste Initiatives

Monday, 29 March 2021
By Gordon White

The largest contributions to site construction waste in New Zealand typically comes from timber and plasterboard offcuts. Winstone Wallboards is actively working to develop practical industry tools to help customers minimise the level of plasterboard waste being generated, as well as being committed to helping facilitate viable plasterboard recycling options to help divert plasterboard waste away from landfill wherever practical. 

Many customers across the Auckland region are already aware and utilising the Green Gorilla plasterboard waste collection and recycling service which has been operating successfully throughout the region for a number of years. The Green Gorilla service collects plasterboard offcuts from new build construction sites and then crushes and screens the plasterboard offcuts to allow the gypsum contained within to be reused in a range of compost and agricultural products.

Outside of Auckland the ability to divert plasterboard waste away from landfill into recycling options is more limited, however regional recycling providers are working to help expand this capability given the demand from trade customers, building owners and councils for the construction industry to address waste levels throughout the country.

 One such provider operating within the Canterbury area is Canterbury Landscape Supplies who have recently increased their operational capacity to allow increased volumes of new build plasterboard offcuts to be sourced from the Kate Valley landfill site (Canterbury’s largest landfill site) which is then reprocessed into compost and other agricultural products to be reused throughout the South Island.

Winstone Wallboards is committed to continuing work collaboratively with trade customers, councils, and waste specialists to help find viable, long term waste minimisation solutions. 

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