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Service Improvement Update

Wednesday, 7 August 2019
By Grant Glover

A lot has happened in the delivery service area as a result of identifying some opportunities for improvement.

One of the areas we identified for improvement was the text ETA (estimated time of arrival) for each and every Deliver To Site (DTS) delivery. We are very conscious of sending automated texts for critical messages only, which is why we have reduced our automated texts to the following:

  • The day before delivery reminder.

  • The On Route Text providing an accurate ETA once the vehicle is on route to the site.

  • Damaged board notification which confirms we will schedule.

  • Replacement within 24 hours unless notified otherwise.

We hope this is all helpful information to ensure problem free delivery. We have been working hard with our carriers to ensure these texts are as accurate a possible.

Another area of improvement has been around improving the speed of replacing plasterboard that is identified as damaged on delivery. We have instructed drivers to phone our despatch, so we  can get replacement board scheduled for delivery within 24 hours.

In addition to the above we are continuing to discuss and gather feedback around streamlining the site inspection process and working out the best way to provide a written record of the site inspection to the site contact via the Site Inspector's mobile device.

We are also developing a new customer service training programme for our service delivery teams which involves filming a delivery performed correctly  on site. These days there is a lot for the driver and delivery teams to think about when delivering to site, so we hope by providing more input into this we may see some improvements in the delivery process where it matters the most.