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Stormwater Heroes Win Local Award

Wednesday, 15 April 2020
By Dean Shutleworth

Winstone Wallboards in Christchurch has been recognised for their site’s outstanding commitment and contribution to  good stormwater management, winning the Stormwater Superhero Award which was presented to them at the local  council committee's public meeting.

At the beginning of 2019, an extensive stormwater compliance audit from Christchurch City Council wastewater inspectors was undertaken at Winstone Wallboards manufacturing and distribution sites.

The council remarked that we have been particularly proactive in the on-site practice of good stormwater management  through engineered systems, processes, and training. The audit was of the entire stormwater network  and included a review of the site drainage plans, tracing downpipes from all buildings and underground stormwater  pipes, discharge points from the site, staff training, standard operating procedure review, spill response, disposal of waste and maintenance of the stormwater system.

This award really is a credit to the team on site who over the years have worked very hard to develop and maintain the  high standard of stormwater management we use today.

The audit went very well. The Christchurch City Council inspectors were very impressed with the high standard of  stormwater best practices the site is following.

So much so, that the Council reported the audit findings to the local regional council Environment Canterbury (ECAN), who then nominated the site for the award.

At the presentation of the award, the business was acknowledged for their significant contribution to the industry and  wider community; for their industry leadership, their ability to develop, articulate and implement changes in stormwater management and making practices part of the company culture.

We are very protective of the site’s environmental footprint in the community and stormwater water quality is high on this  list and we are very proud to accept this award and be recognised for our efforts.