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Thumbs up to the Improved GIB Trade Finish® Lite and Extra Lite

Wednesday, 3 April 2019
By Ian Morrissey

The recent reformulation of GIB Trade Finish® Lite and Extra Lite has given stoppers, who use large volumes of this product daily, a chance to voice their feedback and help us to continuously improve our products.

Winstone Wallboards’ industrial chemists Anu Abhyankar and Zoe Xie have worked closely with stoppers and took the product back to the lab for fine-tuning, tweaking and reformulating it to come up with what we believe is now a five-star plaster.

The final formulations released were very well received. The improved binder characteristic is now even better suited to New Zealand conditions, eg, better adhesion in colder condition, and is softer and therefore easier to sand. The risk of glazing and pinholes has also greatly reduced with these new formulations due to its improved rheology.

Although these changes are subtle, they are significant for the stopper.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Product trials across our stopper customer base have been conducted, and feedback has been fantastic. From “outstanding” to “easy to trowel and finish”, the new and improved GIB Trade Finish® Lite and Extra Lite has received great acclaim.

We eagerly look forward to hearing more customer feedback and working together with our customers to continuously improve the range of GIB® products

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