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Wednesday, 29 July 2020
By Russell Pedersen

Since Covid-19 hit, the word 'unprecedented' has been way over used, quite simply it means, unrivalled or never seen before. It is often used in a negative context and as an excuse for not being able to cope with the change.

The reality is we are all in the same boat and having to adapt. Looking for the silver lining, we were given the opportunity to try new ideas and new ways of doing things which we may never have ventured into trying...because 'hey, it was working fine...'.

In response to what Covid-19 has presented, we have seen companies come up against a brick wall and suffer, others have been quick to adapt and survive, and some even grew.


How has Winstone Wallboards dealt with the changes?

With only a few days notice, the GIB® Contact Centre and the GIB® Technical Helpline teams were able to set up and ‘WFH’ (for those struggling to keep up, that means Work From Home). We were able to offer continued technical support throughout the Lock down period.

Additionally, we rolled out Online CPD and LBP content. We already had a number of ‘How-to- videos’ available but the suite of recorded webinars, ‘How-to-videos’ and guest presenting at live events grew significantly.

We have also made the decision to move to a monthly news update with GIB® NewsBites. A printed GIB® News edition will continue to be published twice a year.

While we are continuing with our live GIB TradeTalk® events around the country, we have also added regular GIB TradeTalk® Webinar events, with great success!


If you would like to attend one of our events, either online or live, visit our Training and Events page to register.