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What You Need for Delivered To Site (DTS) Deliveries

Monday, 2 December 2019
By Grant Glover

To ensure a successful, problem-free DTS delivery, we encourage you to use this simple check list to ensure all goes well for your delivery – each and every time.

  • If unsure on the requirements for a DTS delivery, request a site check which will occur 48 hours prior to delivery – it’s a free service.
  • Secondly ensure the correct site contact name and number is included when placing your order as this person will then receive important status updates and alerts for both site check and delivery of product.
  • Be sure that the access way to the building where your GIB® plasterboard will be delivered is clear of any obstacles e.g. rubbish bins, piles of sand, concrete mixers etc.
  • Ensure the board drop location is swept and clear of rubbish and debris.
  • If you are having a standard delivery and want the board split into two separate areas, then this must be confirmed at site check otherwise all board goes to the nearest point of cover.
  • Ensure any scaffolding to be removed is done prior to arrival of the delivery team.
  • Consider smaller sheets for upstairs areas to avoid damage.
  • Remove internal stairs if possible, to make GIB® plasterboard pass up more efficient.
  • Protect tops of doorways and flashings with temporary timber to prevent accidental damage.
  • In the case of wet weather on delivery day, ensure your site contact is available by phone 1 hour prior to delivery so we can make the  best decision for you and the GIB® plasterboard to avoid rain damage or redelivery fees if we are unable to unload due to rain once on site.
  • Use the MyGIB® ordering App available on both Android and Apple devices to place your orders and it will make this process even simpler and more effortless.


MyGIB® Order and Track - What People Say

"I like the easy navigation. I have been using MyGIB® for some time now through a variety of projects and I got others to use it as well. My clients like it because they get all details in one portal." Stuart, Stop The World.

It just gets better and better! Right from the start, when placing your first order, or ordering on an already existing account, details are stored and you get walked through each stage of picking the order, with all available board types and lengths. From there it lets you know the weight and m2. Lastly the text/email notifications for the entire order – from confirmation of the order, all the way through to delivery completed – are awesome. Without the App, the job would take six times longer. Tolo, Global Linings Site Supervisor.


Have you seen the latest new features on MyGIB® Order and Track?

  • You can now order accessory products including fasteners, adhesives, sealants and GIB® Rondo® metal battens.
  • Order GIB Weatherline® and GIB Barrierline® system components.
  • You can now assign your order to someone else and they can take ownership of the order, make changes and proceed further with it.


Need assistance or have a MyGIB® question?

  • Call 0800 475 475 or email the team at
  • Download the GIB® App and register at the 'MyGIB® Order and Track' tab.