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Wherever, Whenever - MyGIB®

Friday, 14 December 2018
By Karen Richter

Ordering your GIB® plasterboard has just got a whole lot easier thanks to the new MyGIB® ordering tool, which reduces the chance of errors and saves time and money.

The MyGIB® ordering tool is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible service, streamlining the ordering and delivery process for both builders and merchants.

“It is crucial for us to keep moving forward,” says Marketing Manager, Troy Smith. “More and more processes are going digital these days, and at Winstone Wallboards we are very keen to embrace this."

Developed by the digital team after months of hard work and research, the ordering tool is quick and simple to use. The ordering process is simple and intuitive and orders can be entered and sent directly from the building site. MyGIB® also stores past and current orders and keeps track of changes to submitted orders.

“Over the last year we’ve been visiting customers and looking over their shoulders to ensure we fully understand their work processes and requirements", says Head of the Digital Team, Liz Middleton. "A huge amount of thinking, processing and revising has gone into the development of this tool, and we are extremely proud to be launching it as a way of making life easier for our customers.”

To use the ordering tool you need to register first. A helpful video link for how to use the tool can be found once you login to MyGIB® or visit 

Builder and Installer customers will be able to use MyGIB® to select their choice of GIB® plasterboard and GIB-Cove®, delivery method, and then send the order straight to their merchant, all from the building site. Email your order to other people to keep everyone in the loop. 

An added benefit of the new tool is the easy copying and adjusting of orders for large projects making ordering easier and faster on sites like multiple unit apartment buildings.

The MyGIB® ordering tool is available on mobile and tablet from the GIB® App. Alternatively, you can access it from your desktop on