GIB® Plasterboard Supply Update

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

David Thomas provides an update on GIB® plasterboard supply.

As New Zealand continues to build at record pace, the high levels of demand for plasterboard continue to exceed our production capacity putting pressure on lead times and causing delays and shortages of GIB® plasterboard.

We are very conscious that this situation is challenging for the industry and want to reassure you that we are doing as much as we can to maximise supply, including

  • Operating our Auckland and Christchurch manufacturing plants 24/7 at record levels
  • Looking for ways to bring forward the manufacture of board at our new facility in Tauranga which is currently under construction

I can also confirm that earlier this month, in line with the on-allocation process, we provided merchants with the monthly volumes of plasterboard we are forecasting to supply them for the period July through to September.  As you plan your builds, please discuss your specific needs and timeframes with your merchant store.  This will help them advise when they can allocate product for delivery and help them prioritise orders.

We can all play our part to ensure an equitable supply of products across the industry. Primarily this involves the industry working together to schedule delivery of their plasterboard as close as possible to when it will be installed.  One step we are taking in this area is to only operate our Delivered to Site service to those sites that are plasterboard ready, which requires the roof to be installed and the building to be weatherproof.  If your timelines change, please communicate that to your merchant and ask them to reschedule your delivery.

The GIB® plasterboard on-allocation model is a temporary measure until completion of our new facility in Tauranga, currently scheduled for June 2023, which will increase our capacity above current and forecast levels.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this period of high demand. 


Flowchart Allocation Process

Plasterboard Ready Site