GIB® Plasterboard Supply Update

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

The August/September 2021 lockdowns caused significant disruption across the building industry.  The lockdown created a backlog of orders for Winstone Wallboards to pick and deliver and resulted in longer lead times.  These longer lead times and general concerns around supply across the industry resulted in a further large increase in forward orders being placed, which has continued to extend lead times to where they are today.  Record manufacturing output, coupled with sourcing some product from an overseas manufacturing source has not been sufficient to keep up with the level of forward ordering and halt the increases in lead times.  It is not pragmatic for lead times to continue to extend as they are and consequently an alternative approach is necessary. 


From July 2022 GIB® plasterboard (including GIB Barrierline® and GIB Weatherline®) will move to an allocation model.  As such effective immediately we will not be accepting or processing new GIB® plasterboard orders for July 2022 deliveries onwards.  Over March and April we will provide specific information to merchant customers on allocations going forward and specifically how the process will work.  It is likely we will move to a process where we will only commence taking orders from merchants for GIB® plasterboard around 1 month prior to the expected delivery date (eg. July 2022 orders will open from early June 2022).  Having orders placed closer to the expected delivery dates will improve prioritisation and accuracy of ordering and order dates and will minimise the amount of rework and order changes for everyone. 


We will continue to use lead times and will accept and fulfil GIB® plasterboard orders with requested delivery dates to the end of June 2022 where availability still exists for that region. GIB® product will be despatched on the scheduled promise date.  As such when placing orders please ensure requested delivery dates are on or around the dates the product is actually needed as earlier ordering will compromise the ability for us to get product to a customer that needs it sooner. 


If you have any questions on the above or would like further clarification please contact your local merchant in the first instance or your Winstone Wallboards Area Sales Manager.


Thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging times and as we transition to this new process.


Kind regards 

The Winstone Wallboards Team