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New GIB® Intertenancy Barrier Systems for Terrace Homes

Monday, 21 November 2016

GIB® Intertenancy Barrier Systems

The system consists of a double timber frame wall with a 25mm thick plasterboard barrier (GIB Barrierline®) between the frames. The primary fire resistance is provided by the central GIB Barrierline® plasterboard barrier, with the GIB® wall linings contributing to some extent. This allows the wall linings to be used for structural bracing and to incorporate untreated penetrations.

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  • High fire protection and noise control performance.
  • No acoustic or fire sealing required where services penetrate wall linings within limitations.
  • Cost effective.
  • Narrow footprint, maximise the available tenancy of each unit.
  • Compatible with GIB® Bracing Systems.
  • Lightweight construction, no need for specific foundation designs.
  • Easy and fast to install, no additional trades required for installation.
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Performance and durability

GIB Barrierline® has a specialised formulation with a water and mould resistant core allowing GIB Barrierline® to be exposed to the elements once installed and in a vertical position for up to 12 weeks giving you flexibility in construction. 16mm GIB Fyreline® used in the roof cavity can be exposed once installed and in a vertical position for up to 4 weeks. Both products must stay dry and protected until installed. In addition, the systems have been thoroughly tested in the lab and in construction trials specifically for New Zealand conditions. Testing has included extended element-exposed durability testing, freeze-thaw testing and soakage tests.