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New GIB Liteset® Basecoat Compound Available Now

Friday, 3 July 2020
By Edwin Zijderveld

This new GIB® compound has been developed from lots of feedback and trials with stoppers. As always, user feedback is much appreciated and invaluable. GIB Liteset® has some key benefits.

  • A new basecoat jointing compound that can be sanded and is easy to scrape.
  • A very stable viscosity during the 90 minute work life for a nice uniform application. It only thickens up near the very end of this period to indicate the working time has nearly finished.
  • GIB Liteset® is suitable for bedding in the reinforcing jointing tape as well as the second coat (in a three coat jointing process).
  • Creates a strong joint between plasterboard sheets.
  • Has improved rheology when applied by trowel or box, with a slick flow for easy application.

Try this new GIB® compound today. Available at your local GIB® compound stockists. 

View more information here, or call the GIB® Helpline 0800 100 442.

GIB Liteset®