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Order GIB® Plasterboard from 'wherever, whenever' with the MyGIB® ordering tool

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

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Ordering your GIB® plasterboard has just got a whole lot easier thanks to the new  MyGIB® ordering tool, which reduces potential errors saving you time and money. The ordering process is simple and intuitive to use and orders can be made directly from the building site. MyGIB® also stores your past and current orders and keeps track of your changes to submitted orders.


How does MyGIB® work on my mobile device?

MyGIB® is an onsite ordering tool that is all part of the existing GIB® App. Simply download the GIB® App and you can find the MyGIB® ordering tool on the home page.

To use the ordering tool you need to register first. A helpful video link on how to use the tool can be found on the GIB® App or visit


Why use MyGIB®?

MyGIB® keeps all your past and present orders in one location for easy reference, which can be accessed from your device.

Orders are organised with all necessary information included, reducing potential costly and time consuming errors.

Select the desired products, quantity, delivery method and follow the next steps to email the order to your merchant from wherever you are. There is no need to go back to the office to re-enter your order.

You can also email your orders to multiple people, to keep everyone in the loop.


What if I need to change a submitted order?

Simply go into the order, make the change and email the modified order to your merchant. MyGIB® will automatically keep track of changes and inform the merchant.


Does MyGIB® store my personal preferences?

Access to MyGIB® is controlled by your personal, secure login. Projects and your preferred merchant are saved with your profile. You only need to enter details once, which then can be easily selected for future orders.