Some 13mm GIB® Standard Plasterboard Temporary Alternative Manufacturing Source

Friday, 29 October 2021

As a precautionary measure and in order to ensure we maintain good overall GIB® plasterboard buffer stocks to service any peak market demand, Winstone Wallboards has begun sourcing some shorter lengths of 13mm GIB® Standard plasterboard product from an alternative manufacturing source.  This product will start appearing in the North Island from early November 2021.

Whist customers may notice some subtle differences in the product we anticipate this will have no impact on customers. The board is fully compliant for use in the various GIB® systems, it will not have end-tapes and has slightly different cut ends. 


Click here to view the information bulletin for full details.   


Overall Winstone Wallboards plasterboard stock position, raw material supply lines and manufacturing output remain healthy and sourcing this product will further strengthen our resilience stock position.