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New Tauranga Manufacturing and Distribution Facility Transition

Friday, 23 June 2023

The new Tauranga GIB® Plasterboard manufacturing and distribution facility is currently in its final stage of construction and commissioning with the first saleable GIB® plasterboard produced in Tauranga expected to enter the market during July. So what can you expect with the transition to the new Tauranga facility?



First and foremost, merchants and trade customers should not expect any negative impact around the supply of GIB® plasterboard and accessory orders with the opening of the new Tauranga facility.

The new Tauranga plant will significantly lift Winstone Wallboard national production capacity of GIB® plasterboard by around 30%. There is also provision to further increase capacity if required to help ensure long term supply continuity for the market.

With Tauranga manufacturing coming online the existing Auckland manufacturing site will run in parallel for a period of time before eventually shutting down later in 2023. The Christchurch manufacturing facility will continue to operate as normal to service the South Island with planning underway to upgrade this facility in the future.



The GIB® plasterboard produced at the Tauranga site will be used to service North Island demand and some customers may notice small handling differences compared to what they are used too.

This is due to the new manufacturing technology being used in the Tauranga plant, however its reassuring to know any differences will be minor and all GIB® plasterboard regardless of where it is made will continue to be fit for purpose, meet all performance requirements and have the normal product warranties and technical backup.



Some North Island merchants may notice some minor changes to the timing of orders arriving into store.

This is due to the dispatch of Freight into Store orders transitioning from Auckland to from Tauranga in a phased approach from July onwards. We are keeping the current Auckland warehouse that supports Delivered to Site services and customers should see no change in their delivery timings. The Wellington and Christchurch distribution facilities will continue to operate as per normal.



Visit New Tauranga Facility for more information or contact Customer Services 0800 475 475.