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Winstone Wallboards New Tauranga Manufacturing and Distribution Facility Now Operational

Tuesday, 26 September 2023
By Siobhan Page


After years of anticipation and planning, Winstone Wallboards cutting-edge Tauranga facility is now operational, making it one of Australasia’s largest plasterboard manufacturing and distribution centres.  

Tauranga manufactured GIB® plasterboard is now being despatched into the North Island and Freight into Store distribution has now fully transitioned to Tauranga and we have 100 staff working on site.  

Let us take a closer look at some of the exciting features of our new state-of-the-art facility. 


Bigger capacity for a brighter future 

The Tauranga plant is not just an upgrade; it is a huge leap forward for Winstone Wallboards, with production capacity now having the ability to increase by up to 50% compared to the Auckland manufacturing site.  

What truly sets the plant apart is the forward-thinking design, which ensures Winstone Wallboards can also expand and support New Zealand manufacture well into the future too.  


A hub of innovation 

With greater capacity comes the freedom to innovate. Our existing production lines in Auckland have been running at peak capacity which leaves little room for product development.  

Our Tauranga facility unlocks the potential for the introduction of new product trials as well as enhancements to our existing range. 


Gypsum revolutionised 

The core material of our plasterboard products, gypsum and how it is transported and used in production has also changed. Previously, gypsum travelled from Australia to Ports of Auckland, involving multiple handling steps, such as stockpiling and loading into trucks.  

In Tauranga, efficiency and sustainability take centre stage. Gypsum is offloaded straight from vessels at the Port of Tauranga into large hoppers to load trucks, reducing dust emissions. The trucks then drop their loads into in-ground hoppers and a conveyor system into the gypsum storage shed, eliminating the need for excavators to stockpile.  


A sustainable tomorrow 

The Tauranga plant is not just about increasing capacity, it is also designed with sustainability at its heart. With a goal to reduce carbon emissions by ten per cent our new facility aligns with Fletcher Building's broader aim of a 30% reduction by 2030.  

Recycling capabilities for water and waste are integrated, and there is a focus on energy efficiency with features like LED lighting and heat recovery systems. 

The Tauranga facility also has a waste recycling facility that allows recycled gypsum to be included in GIB® plasterboard, setting the stage for our manufacture to transition from a linear economy model to a more circular one. 


Cutting-edge technology and safety 

The Tauranga plant uses state-of-the-art, high-speed manufacturing technology and automation that can adapt to varying market demands swiftly. Automated processes reduce manual handling, enhancing health and safety. The layout and vehicle movement within the plant have also been optimised for efficiency. 


Fascinating facts 

The Tauranga facility's main building area is equivalent to approximately eight full rugby fields, that is more than two and a half times larger than the Felix Street site in Auckland.

The Tauranga business estate where the new plant is located, will also eventually host up to 100 businesses making it one of Australasia's largest industrial parks.