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Winstone Wallboards to Build a New Plasterboard Manufacturing and Distribution Facility in Tauranga

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Winstone Wallboards has unveiled exciting plans to build a new state-of-the-art plasterboard manufacturing and distribution facility in Tauranga.

Scheduled to open in 2023, the new facility underpins our organisation’s steadfast commitment to local manufacturing, and our determination to innovate and meet industry demand, now and into the future. As our customers' needs are  evolving, we too are evolving our operations to ensure we meet those future requirements.

The new, larger plant will allow future capacity growth, as well as the ability to expand new product innovation - whilst still maintaining Winstone Wallboards’ strong New Zealand identity, supporting local suppliers, distributors, workforce and communities.

The site is ideal for North Island distribution and located near the Port of Tauranga, it promises convenient delivery of the raw materials used to manufacture our GIB® branded plasterboard.

Better still, the new plant will provide a more sustainable future, not just for the business, but the wider environment in which we operate. The plant will allow recycling of used plasterboard and will immediately reduce carbon emissions by ten percent. Contributing to healthier living for all New Zealanders is something we will strive for as we move into this exciting new period.

Winstone Wallboards, under the GIB® brand, has been manufacturing, marketing, and distributing gypsum plasterboard, drywall systems, products and services in New Zealand for over 90 years. And ‘GIB®’- thanks to the quality of our products, the reliability of our services and the breadth of our technical support - is the brand of choice for many customers within the building industry. This is something that we will continue to uphold, while continuing to evolve and innovate with the technology the new plant will provide.

Our existing Auckland manufacturing facility will remain fully operational until the new Tauranga plant is fully commissioned. At that time, North Island manufacturing and Freight into Merchant Store (FIS) distribution will move to Tauranga. A facility will remain in Auckland to service Auckland Delivered to Site services. Head office will also stay in Auckland, and our Wellington and Christchurch operations will remain unchanged.