Renovating your house?
This section will provide you with valuable information to ensure a quality job.

Decorative Features and Details

Make your home your own by choosing from a range of detailing options. GIB® decorative features and details include cove, rounded edges, skirting's and architraves for use at ceiling-to-wall junctions or around windows, doors and floors. Take your pick and create your individual interior style.

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Controlling Noise

The world around us is increasingly full of unwanted interior and exterior…

DIY & Repair

Want to repair minor damage such as scrapes, scratches or small holes…

High Impact Areas - Hallways and Garages

As most garages are multi-purpose areas such as workshops, hobby rooms or…


Wet Areas

Bathroom steam and moisture can damage the linings and framing of walls and ceilings. If the problem isn't fixed, it can become bad for your health and even more costly to repair. Why risk your carefully chosen and expensive tile finishes, vanities and fittings – let alone your health – when there’s an ideal solution?