Installation Guides

Please select from the installaton guides available below. You can download or request a copy to be posted to you. If you have a specific installation or technical query please contact 0800 100 442 to speak with a member of our technical team.

GIB® Interior Finishing

The fundamentals of a quality finish.

No matter how smooth wall and ceiling linings appear, they will never be 100% physically flat and blemish free. This applies to any interior surface comprising jointed sheet type material including fibrous plaster, plywood, MDF, plasterboard and even glass. All of these substrate materials contain physical deviations or minor blemishes.

Although it is impossible to get a perfectly physically flat or blemish free interior surface, it is possible to achieve ‘the appearance’ of blemish free flatness. The type of decoration applied to the wall or ceiling surface also has an impact on the perceived quality. Modern interior design using smooth-painted surfaces will highlight imperfections more than if texture or wallpapers are used. The tips in this document will help make any surface imperfections less visible. For more information, please download the GIB® Interior Finishing Brochure below.