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Deadline looming, short of time? Our System Selector helps you search, locate and compare the technical specifications you need to get the job done.

We know that searching through System Books and PDFs is time consuming. That’s why we talked to architects, specifiers and technical experts to understand how we can make your workflow easier.

Whether you’re checking the specs of a GIB Noise Control® System, or you’re comparing plasterboard linings for fire rated systems, feel confident that you’ll find accurate, up-to-date product information using the GIB® System Selector.

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Requirements led search:

Looking for a two-way fire-rated system for a wall with a resistance rating of 60? No problem. Quickly find products that meet the exact requirements you’re after, using our interactive filters to refine your results.

Easily compare filtered results:

The filtered results are grouped together and colour coded by the GIB® System books - the listing displays their key performance ratings, making it easier to find the right products at a glance.  Hover over the System Diagram to quickly view its configuration or click on a System to see the full details including all the CAD files for that System.

Save your favourites:

Do you need to find multiple files for a single job, or compare between two similar options? Save multiple system results using the ‘your favourites’ function.


Tailored to your way of working

Additional performance requirements beyond the key selection criteria can also be included when finding suitable options. With the wide range of plasterboard types, there can be overlaps in functionality. Simply click on the “?” icon for further information and the GIB® Plasterboard Alternatives table will display selection options, ensuring you can quickly and easily compare plasterboard types.

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