GIB® Reverberation Control Systems

GIB® Reverberation Control Systems combine an innovative, efficient method to improve the quality of sound within a space with the great look of GIB Quietline® sheets and GIB‑Tone® Quiet™ ceiling tiles.

GIB® Reverberation Control Systems supersedes GIB® Acoustic Systems – May 2014.

Designed, manufactured and tested in New Zealand, GIB Quietline® sheets and GIB-Tone® Quiet™ ceiling tiles are ideal for controlling sound reverberation in large open areas with hard surfaces including offices, cafes, schools, function rooms and shops. By absorbing sound and reducing reverberation, a space becomes more comfortable.

Four board perforation patterns and one tile perforation pattern (a reduction from the 10 designs previously available) are available in the GIB Quietline® and GIB Tone® Quiet™ tile range.

The patterns that will continue to be available include:

  • 15501    GIB Quietline® Circle 8mm Ø 8 Panel with 10% Perforation
  • 15397    GIB Quietline® Circle 15mm Ø 8 Panel with 10% Perforation
  • 15502    GIB Quietline® Circle 15mm Ø 8 Panel with 20% Perforation
  • 15503    GIB Quietline®  Random 1 Panel with 15% Perforation
  • 15506    GIB-Tone® Quiet™ Tile: Circle with 15% Perforation

Please contact Winstone Wallboards about any current specifications that utilise the obsoleted patterns.


For detailed third octave sound absorption data click on the Systems Sheets tab below.

GIB® Reverberation Control Systems