GIB® Rondo® Metal Batten Systems

A large proportion of ceiling defects such as peaking or cracked joints and popped fasteners can be attributed to movement in the substrate. Timber ceiling substrates are significantly more prone to temperature or atmospheric induced movement and shrinkage. These issues tend to impact on the surface of the plasterboard and can result in call-backs.

  • Metal ceiling batten systems provide a stable substrate for plasterboard ceiling linings. Regular users of metal batten systems consistently have fewer call-back's for movement related ceiling defects such as peaking or cracked joints and popped fasteners.
  • It does require a slight change in methodology as many builders struggle to make the move from timber to steel. However, once the change is made and builders realise, firstly how simple it is to install and secondly the benefits of reduced callbacks, very few revert to using timber.
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GIB® Rondo® Metal Batten Systems


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