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GIB Barrierline® - A Boon for Terraced Housing

Friday, 14 December 2018
By Russell Pedersen

Developers and architectural designers have been quick to take advantage of the GIB Barrierline® system, launched just over a year ago. Specially designed to speed up builds and address issues relating to terraced housing construction (like fire and noise linings/penetrations), the system is proving to be a great

Consisting of a double timber frame wall with a 25mm thick plasterboard barrier, GIB® Intertenancy Barrier Systems for Terrace Homes provide a NZBC compliant separation wall between attached dwellings. The plasterboard barrier offers fire resistance, along with the wall linings, which can also be used for structural bracing and the incorporation of penetrations.

Noise control is another plus, thanks to the double cavity system which provides isolation from airborne sound. Insulation in both cavities is used to meet various performance levels and allows certain services to penetrate the wall linings.

GIB Barrierline® is a system that’s providing first-rate solutions to a variety of problems, and with the added benefit of technical team training, Trade Talks and a regular line up of training events, installation issues have been minimal. As part of our commitment to offering the very best service and support, site visits are all in a day’s work for our technical team. Recently we visited a multi-terraced development where the first stage was constructed using a traditional double wall system. The head contractor commented, “I could never go back” - a sentiment that was echoed by the architect, who had not had any requests for information and had engaged his plasterboard installer (a trained Club GIB® Installer) to include the GIB Barrierline® installation. One of the added benefits of this was that the installer was able to provide a PS3* for the entire system, from wall to wall and everything in between. 

The key to the success of this project came down to good communication between the designer, head contractor and plasterboard installer - and plenty of technical support from the GIB® Technical Team.

As with any new product, we’ve developed and added specific construction details that have arisen from complications on site and interaction with other building materials.

*Producer Statement 3 – Construction (often used by the installers of proprietary systems).