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GIB TradeTalk® LBP Training Sessions

Monday, 2 December 2019
By Doug Connors

Let’s face it, being a builder is not what it used to be. When I started my time earmuffs and safety glasses were often laughed at and building 3’x2’ scaffolding while wearing safety Jandals was the ‘norm’.

With the changes in our industry there  is a drive to comply with codes and standards and a builder will often spend more time looking through plans and supplier manuals than actually banging bits of wood together.

GIB® plasterboard is the leading brand of plasterboard in New Zealand and is manufactured right here in New Zealand to meet our unique conditions. The Technical Support team are available 7.30am – 5.00pm, five days a week on the Technical Helpline 0800 100 442.

We also get around the country to hold technical workshops and training sessions for everyone from the Building Consent Authorities and Councils to Architects, Tradies and building apprentices.

One of our core training platforms is the GIB TradeTalk® programme which provides attendees with the opportunity to get into the nitty gritty of installing GIB® systems with our technical experts in a relaxed and comfortable environment, while also gaining valuable LBP points.

To date in 2019 we have held 34 GIB TradeTalks® across the country including our first sessions directed towards the Asian installer community.

Next year's programme will include sessions on GIB® Rondo® metal batten systems as well as the always popular GIB® Fire, Noise and Bracing systems.

To find a GIB TradeTalk® session in your area, view the Training and Events tab on the GIB® Website, or keep an eye out for notifications through your email, or via the GIB® App. Alternatively you can contact us directly on 0800 100 442 to find out when the next session is due to be held in your area.