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New GIB Weatherline® Design and Construction Manual December 2020 Release

Tuesday, 1 December 2020
By Gordon White

Winstone Wallboards is pleased to release an update to GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Systems. The Update includes:


Guidance for Compliance With NZ Buildiing Code Clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire

  • GIB Weatherline® Systems can be used to provide passive fire protection to meet the requirements of NZBC Clauses C1-C6 - Protection from Fire, including options to limit vertical fire spread.


Updated GIB Weatherline® Fire Systems

  • 6 fire rated protection systems for columns and beams including 30 and 60 minutes FRR options.
  • 2 new fire rated soffit details including 30 and 60 minute FRR options.
  • Use of insulation now optional in all GIB Weatherline® fire rated systems.


180 Day System Exposure Prior to Cladding

  • Once installed, all GIB Weatherline® components can be exposed for up to 180 days prior to installation of the cladding.


Updated Technical Guidance

  • Guidance on the use of water resistive barriers with GIB Weatherline® systems.
  • Guidance on stopping and painting.
  • Updated construction details.
  • New 2450 x 10mm GIB Weatherline® sheet size, tailored for use in residential projects.


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