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Here When You Need Us

Thursday, 29 April 2021
By Troy Smith

We know from experience that going the extra mile can make a massive difference to the speed and success of a project.

A recent call to the GIB® Technical Helpline was a perfect case in point. A project team needed some very specific detailing and construction methods for GIB® Fire Rated Systems, and to add to the challenge, they also needed to repair some multilayer intertenancy walls. Everyone was doing their best, but working independently, which ultimately led to disagreements and reconstruction.

After a failed inspection, several calls and e-mails, we decided the best way forward was to meet with the designers, builders and inspector on-site, to get everyone on the same page. It worked a treat! Everybody walked away with a greater knowledge of GIB® Shaftwall systems and our GIB® Panelshaft option, and a far better understanding of the WHY behind the WHAT. Not only that, but our GIB® technical advisor was able to help with a comprehensive plan for repairing the damaged IT walls, saving time, and taking away the guess work. The icing on the cake? When the building inspector came back for a reinspection, they passed with flying colours.

By getting a technical advisor out to site quickly, what could have resulted in big delays was resolved promptly, enabling the project to keep moving forward.