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Looped Cable Penetrations

Wednesday, 8 April 2020
By Hans Gerlich

In our 2018 GIB® Fire Rated Systems Specification and Installation Manual we introduced GIB Fire Soundseal®, an improved formulation when compared with the previous GIB Soundseal® which did not have verified fire-resistant properties.

Although we have kept the scope of application of GIB Fire  Soundseal® tight, and although covered by associated BRANZ Appraisal No.289 [2018], customers have asked for separate clarification and verification. Many have also fairly pointed out that there is limited use for single electrical cable penetrations and that most surface mounted fittings require looped wiring which means penetration by two electrical TPS cables.

Our latest February 2020 release ‘Penetrations in GIB® Fire Rated Systems’ covers the already published sprinkler pipe and single electrical cable penetrations and adds looped two or three core TPS cable penetrations on timber blocking. These penetration seals have now also been separately covered in BRANZ Technical Opinion FC12740-001 available by visiting